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Journey into hell: Robert de Niro is a Rolex Submariner
In the film "Journey into hell" (1978) by Michael Cimino, Robert de Niro is a Rolex Submariner in steel plexi glass.

Note that during the film, we see also a GMT Master at one of the famous scenes of 'Russian roulette '.

Five workers steelmakers are found in a bar,after their work, in a small industrial town in Pennsylvania.

They are preparing to celebrate the marriage of one of them and the departure of three other, lovers of hunting deer, known as the Viet Nam. When they return, their spirit will remain forever marked by the horrors they have suffered...

Warning masterpiece... awarded five Oscars: Best Director, best film, best editing, best sound and best actor in a supporting role for Christopher Walken.

"A year before Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, Michael Cimino rubs salt in the Vietnamese wound with what remains arguably as his greatest (and one among the most poignant and hard works on the subject, some scenes will later influence John Woo). Divided into three panes (before, during and after the war), journey into hell tells a common story, three different fates. Three lives broken, each in their own way, by an incredible violence and a terrible absurdity, symbolized by the barrel of a revolver on the tempe... ยป considers the Fnac on its Internet site.

In the movie 'Speed' (1995) by Jan de Bont, Dennis Hopper is a GMT Master II in steel.

The story:
A formidable expert in explosives (Dennis Hopper) has a score to settle with a super-flic of the anti-gang brigade of Los Angeles (Keanu Reeves). As a challenge, he placed a bomb on a commuter bus. If the vehicle slows below 80 km hour...

Speed won two Oscars in 1995, one for audio and one for sound effects.

Bill McKay (Robert Redford), Democratic candidate for California Senate elections, is an integrated man who believes in its ideals.

Because it must win at any cost, it will nevertheless allow themselves to be caught by the gigantic U.S. electoral machine.

In the film "The law of the environment" (1971) by Mike Hodges, Michael Caine wears a Rolex Datejust on leather strap.

When Jack Carter (Michael Caine), elegant Hitman, arrives at Newcastle, his hometown, to investigate the mysterious death of his brother, residents try to remove him threatening him...

Very quickly it is doubt that his brother, man without history, was killed. But we do not so easily get rid of Jack Carter!

Michael Caine, awarded two Academy Awards, plays the main role of this black polar, taken over in 2000 by Sylvester Stallone with the original title of "Get Carter". Also note, found Michael Caine in the remake.
In the film "Bullies" (1972) by Robert Enrico, Serge Reggiani, wears a Rolex Air-King.
It should be noted that the actor also wears this model in countdowns
Two thugs small-time decide one last case before you all leave, towards the Australia.
But of course, nothing will happen as planned...
With: Serge Reggiani, Michel Constantin, Juliet Berto, Patrick Bouchitey, Jean Bouise
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